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Despite the increase in the rate of coverage of improved sanitation and hygiene facilities in Tanzania, It has been observed that rapid increase in population and building materials expenses inhibit the acceleration. Cement is widely used in the construction and fabrication of building materials, the building materials made of cement are quite expensive and hence inhibition.

The deficit aspired Arena Recycling Industry to employ Polymer-sand technology to fabricate building material, building materials from this technology are even less expensive than cement materials. Thus Arena Recycling Industry is de-polluting the environment while solving the toilet deficit in education institutions. A BLUF of polymer-sand technology is that post-consumer plastics are transformed into building materials which are obtained at an even cheap cost compared to other technologies hence the solution fits the problem size.

In this project Arena Recycling Industry is implementing the construction of latrine pits and sanitation facilities, the project is localized two Dar es Salaam Region in which two schools, Karume Primary and Kiburugwa Primary Schools of Temeke Municipal Council are served. Further this project aims to address the mitigation of toilet and sanitation facilities deficit mainly at Kiburugwa primary school(25 pit latrines for 3200 students)and Karume primary school (6 pits latrines for 1200students).
The said project is participatory in which Arena is participating with the Temeke Municipal council the implementation of this project, Arena Recycling Industry fabricates the Eco-Bricks from post-consumer plastics where the post-consumer plastics( plastic waste) are obtained from Material Recycling Facilities, MRF's. Most of these MRF's are under women's group who decide to team up to collect plastic waste, So interesting about these MRF's is that while generating their income through sales of this waste to Plastic factory-like Arena they do de-pollute the environment.
Arena Recycling is also offering literacy education about plastic pollution, herein societal functions prepared by the company including beach cleanup events hand in hand with plastic education. Plastic invades the food chain in which microplastics have contaminated aquatic environments and by Bio-accumulation the micro-plastics accumulate in aquatic organism's Fats and Tissues, when these organisms are consumed by humans the micro-plastics enter the human food chain and have adversely affected the healths of many.

Wrapping up, Arena is ready to conduct projects like these if and only if a participatory environment is created by the government, Government should foster a good studying environment by team up with construction companies.