About us


About Us

Arena Recycling Industry started in October 2018,A company deals with plastic waste management by recycling plastic waste into eco-friendly building materials made from recycled plastic waste like Eco-bricks, Pavements,Tiles and kerbs.
Aiming at saving the worlds free from plastic waste by offering a sustainable product made from recycled plastic waste that impacts social, Environmental and Economic, generating products and alternative focused on sustainable development.


The company never rests after a job well done; it seeks constant improvement and will continue to push forward towards development and innovation.


The company maintains all its commitments and fulfills all its responsibilities dutifully-on time, all the time.


The company believes that great results come not only from skill and knowledge. It stems for the loving dedication and unwavering faith than our workers put into it. Our people works with their heart, mind and soul in everything that they do.


The company believes that working together is the key to achieving its goal and seeks unity in diversity. Our unique differences when combined will result in synergy.


The cornerstone of our values will always be respect – respecting others, respecting the environment and respecting one’s self, the company acknowledges the voice of even the smallest and lowest of its ranks and champions even the humblest of aspirations.